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Huge beneficial impact of Edutainer

This preschool, started in 1991, has never had a building to call its own and has been operating out of ‘borrowed’ premises since inception. With available accommodation now at a premium in the village, the teacher and the committee had been trying in vain for the past 6 months to find yet another venue as the one used in 2017 was no longer available for 2018. By mid January 2018 they had given up all hope and starting informing the parents that the school is forced to close.

Having worked with this site since its inception, we were as devastated as the community but could offer no practical alternative. The very next day, after receiving this dreadful news from them, we were able to share the good news that the Edutainer they had applied for is on its way. Their relief at this unexpected reprieve was momentous and the delivery was a day quite unlike any other delivery we have witnessed.