Department of Social Development Endorsement

The Department of Social Development has endorsed the Bright Kid Foundation:

"Bright Kid Foundation is able to deliver complete Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDCs) to remote rural areas and informal settlements... We encourage investment in ECDCs, as the DSD has prioritized Early Childhood Development as vitally important for the future of South Africa's children."

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2017 Impumelelo Social Innovations Platinum Award

Bright Kid Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award. It is a testament to the Bright Kid Foundation ECDC program delivering high quality certified ECD infrastructure  - a significant, sustainable investment in South Africa’s children.


Booktainer® Libraries

There is a dire need for well stocked libraries run by trained librarians in deserving primary schools. More than 16 000 public schools in South Africa do not have libraries...




Our MANTAG Certification

Edutainer® Comments

We recently visited one of our most successful Edutainers®, at Delft in the Cape townships which is a prime example of what happens when the whole process works properly. A very dedicated girl, operating from a tiny site (the container barely squeezes in).... It feeds on being an evident success, parents want their children to go there and pay the fees."
Richard Carss, The Zoë Carss Educational Trust Annual Report
The Issue

  • 1. The Problem
    1. The Problem
    The first few years of a child's life should be stimulating and nurturing to mature into a healthy adult
  • 2. Children neglected
    2. Children neglected
    In truth, only 17% of South African Children receive 1 year of effective preschool
  • 3. Inadequate Funding
    3. Inadequate Funding
    Many communities across SA lack funding to build & maintain proper classrooms, resulting in classrooms like this one
  • 4. No infrastructure
    4. No infrastructure
    Both in urban townships and rural areas, communities might have the drive, but not the means
  • 5. Shack Schools
    5. Shack Schools
    The result is that school buildings are often shacks like this pre-school in Mashenguville Soweto
  • 6. Classrooms not condusive to learning
    6. Classrooms not condusive to learning
    These shack schools are often not safe, waterproofed nor conditioned for the cold of winter and heat of summer
  • 7. Understocked
    7. Understocked
    Schools like these also lack classroom basics like cupboards, shelves, coat hooks, as well as educational toys
  • 8. Rural areas
    8. Rural areas
    Aside from underfunding, many rural areas also have the problems of inaccessibility
  • 9. The Solution
    9. The Solution
    We've thought of all this and come up with a solution that works. The Edutainer, instant classroom. Click on the Solution above to learn more

The Need for Effective Pre-schools


Overwhelming research has shown that the first few years of education are vital for a child’s future cognitive, emotional and physical development. One year of quality pre-school education will make a huge difference in the child’s potential for success. It is crucial to teach pre-school children in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Tragically, few South African children will receive adequate early childhood education. Only 17 % of children receive one year of effective pre-school. The end result is that most six and seven year olds enter the formal schooling system drastically unprepared, resulting in frustration, poor learning, failure, grade repetition, and a high dropout rate. Only one in five South African children achieves a school-leaving certificate. No specific funds are allocated by the South African Government to the construction of pre-school classrooms.


Very few South African children receive adequate early childhood education. Only 2% of children under three are enrolled in full-day pre-school programs and about 17% of children under six. In Belgium, France, Denmark and Italy, by comparison, the figure is about 80%. Disadvantaged children are particularly seriously affected. Much of the pre-schooling, which does occur, takes place in cramped, dilapidated and unhygienic conditions, with problems ranging from lead paint contamination to inadequate lighting. The end result is that many six and seven year olds enter the formal schooling system drastically unprepared, which results in frustration and poor learning as well as high rates of grade repetition, failure and dropping out.


The South African Government has consequently asked primary schools to add Grade R facilities. They stipulate that primary schools need quality classrooms and that children should not be taught in shacks. The problem is, primary schools generally don’t have funds for extra classrooms.

Early Child Development

Research into Early Child Development, or ECD, has shown that this period, which includes the Grade-R age group, is the most important in terms of maturing to healthy, functional adults. Eric Atmore, director of the Centre for Early Childhood Development, published an article in the Business Day in 2008 which describes the benefits from receiving one year of effective pre-school. These children are:

  • More confident & able
  • More likely not to repeat a grade
  • Less likely to need remedial education
  • Less likely to be involved in crime
  • More likely to get a job
  • Less likely to experience teen pregnancies

So what's the Solution?

The Edutainer®. Click here