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On July 13th, an Edutainer® donated by Dame Janet Suzman was delivered to Zenzele near Randfontein in the mining area west of Johannesburg.The Edutainer® is the only pre-school serving this informal settlement of several thousand people. The Edutainer® will be supported by the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Services (GDHSS) which will train the teachers and register it as a pre-school.

This Edutainer® will have a hugely beneficial impact on an impoverished rural area. The entire community arrived to give the Edutainer® an ecstatic welcome.

GDHSS has requested Edutainers® for selected 58 carefully selected sites in the West Rand area. They will give significant support to all the Edutainers® placed on these sites located in poor rural communities, including teacher training, registration with the Department of Health, and ultimately the registration of a fully fledged Grade R classroom. Bright Kid Foundation would like to deliver Edutainers® to all of the 58 sites selected, and to have a major beneficial impact on communities in whole West Rand area.