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Our Edutainers® are ideal vehicles for Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET), and the Skilltainer® delivered to St Anthony’s will be the first of many Edutainers® converted into Skilltainers® to help reduce the extremely high rate of youth unemployment (estimated at 50%)

The St. Anthony’s Skills Training Centre is based in Boksburg and was established in 1995 to offer vocational skills training to the unemployed and school-leavers over the age of 17 years. It offers courses in many vital skills like bricklaying and plastering, plumbing, electrical, motor mechanics, welding, upholstery, dressmaking, bookkeeping and basic computer skills, The Skilltainer® is designed as a display and sales unit to enable the public to purchase some of the items made by St. Anthony’s trainees. These items include tables, chairs, clothing and upholstered furniture. The Skilltainer® will generate extra income for this highly rated Skills Training Centre.

The ‘High Cube” Skilltainer® was so tall that St. Anthony’s trainees had to remove the sign above the gate to let the Skilltainer® pass through. They then welded it back again after the truck left.