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On January 13th, Aida Girma and Juliana Seleti of UNICEF visited the Edutainers® in Jabulani and Zenzele .

They were very impressed by the Jabulani Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) which consists of three Edutainers®, a kitchen, an office, ablution facilities, a shade area, a jungle gym , a food garden and fencing.

The Jabulani ECDC is situated next to the Jabulani informal settlement and has played a major role in improving the lives of the community and especially the children living in Jabulani.

The infrastructure delivered by Bright Kid Foundation and private donors has enabled the Gauteng Department of Health and Social Services (GDHSS) to register the centre with the Department of Health. As a result of the registration, the GDHSS has been able to provide the Jabulani ECDC with significant support including: training four teachers,employing a center manager, providing financial support to the centre and monitoring the children.All children attending the ECDC are properly taught by trained teachers and receive nutritious meals. the Department of Public Works provides employment at the Jabulani centre to a number of people in the community.

The ECDC has benefitted  the whole Jabulani community. As a result of the success of this centre, the GDHSS has requested Bright Kid Foundation to provide infrastructure for an additional 25 informal settlements in the West Rand